Shelton Drainage was established in the UK in 1981 and since 1983 has concentrated solely on sportsturf drainage.

Shelton Drainage Solutions is at the forefront of developments in their field and many practices pioneered by it have been accepted worldwide as the norm.

The close corporation “Shelton Drainage Solution SA cc” is a South African company formed to complete drainage installations to sportsfields using the Shelton System.
The company is owned by Roland Kugelmann and is based in Cape Town.


We are the only company in South Africa which concentrates in the drainage of sporting venues.
We can provide the technology and award winning equipment to allow you to drain today and play tomorrow. 


Shelton Drainage Solutions uses a unique drainage system that specialises in Underground Drainage.
Our clients are normally Municipalities, schools, sports clubs or private institutions who own sporting venues including cricket, rugby, soccer and hockey fields.

Clients also include operators of horse racing and polo venues as well as golf courses. Our list of completed contracts reads like the list of who’s who in the sporting world.

Good drainage is essential for good sportsturf.
One of the main advantages of the Shelton drainage System is that damage to the sportsturf is minimised.
  • All tractors and equipment are fitted with turf tyres.
  • A 75 mm perforated pipe is laid in a 90 mm trench.
  • Where possible main drains are laid off the playing surface which significantly reduces damage to the field.