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Almost all soils drain naturally, but in the majority of cases the speed of natural drainage is insufficient to meet today’s sporting requirements. As a result matches have to be postponed, games are cancelled, golf courses are closed and revenue is lost. Shelton Drainage is a vertical drainage system which can be quickly and neatly installed in any fine sports turf including sports fields, race tracks and golf courses.

Case Study: Atlantic Beach Golf Club
Atlantic Beach is a residential estate on a 175ha site on the Cape West Coast. Over the last 10 years more than 800 houses have been constructed on the periphery of the golf course and more and more storm water is being discharged onto the golf course.

Initially there was no drainage installed as the golf course was constructed on dune sand, however with the increased volumes of storm water from developed areas, drainage has now become a necessity in various low laying areas.

Drainage of these areas has been improved with the installation of the Shelton Drainage System. Shelton Drainage has been installed in 4 areas on the front nine, namely:

The installation of the Shelton Drainage System is quick and efficient and will improve playing conditions for members and visitors alike. Although Atlantic Beach is constructed on a sand base the system works particularly well in areas with a high clay content and has been successfully installed at golf courses on the highveld such as Bryanston Country Club, Blair Atholl and Johannesburg Country Club.

The Shelton system has also been installed at:

  • Royal Johannesburg
  • Erinvale Golf Course
  • Fancourt
  • Metropolitan
  • Bryanston
  • Johannesburg Country Club
  • Pearl Valley
  • Blair Atholl